Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Du'a after Bukhari recital pt.2 {Arabic}

Du'a in Arabic by Hazrat Allamah Fultali Sahib Qiblah after Bukhari Sharif recital.

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Du'a after Bukhari recital pt.1 {Bengali}

Du'a in Bengali by Hazrat Allamah Fultali Sahib Qiblah after Bukhari Sharif recital.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

‘Aqa’id : Nabuwwah

Statement of Beliefs regarding Nabuwwah {Prophethood}
Prophets were sent by ALlāh to the world for the guidance of humanity.

They are all free from blemishes and sins.

The actual number of Prophets is only known by ALlāh Alone.

To establish their truthfulness, ALlāh made difficult events happen through them, which no ordinary man can imitate. Such events are known as mu’jazah (miracles).

The first of the Prophets to be sent to mankind is Hazrat ‘Adam (‘alaihis salam) and the final Prophet is Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha (salla’Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

The rest of the Prophets were sent in-between. Some of whom mentioned in the Qur’an by name are: Idris; Nuh; Ibrahim; Lut; Isma’il; Is’haq; Ya’qub; Yusuf; Ayyub; Shu’aib; Musa; Haroon; Dhul-Kifl; Da’wuud; Sulaiman; Ilyas; Yunus; Zakariyah; Yahya; ‘Isa (‘alaihus salatu as salam).

ALlāh has not revealed the exact number of the Prophets to anyone; part of our belief is to have faith in all of the Prophets, those known and those unknown.

Of all the Prophets the position of some are far more exalted then others. The most exalted is our Prophet: Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha (salla’Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

No new Prophet will come after him and he (salla’Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) is the Prophet of all those to be born till the Day of Judgment.

While awake the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha (salla’Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) was taken by ALlāh in his physical body from Makkah to Bait-ul-Muqaddas in al-Quds. And from there through the seven Heavens up to wherever ALlāh Willed and back. This is known as al-Mi’raj (The Ascension).

Monday, September 10, 2007

‘Aqa’id : Tawhid

Statement of Beliefs regarding Tawhid {Oneness of God}

ALlāh Is One.

He Is Alone. He has no need of partners.

He has no equal. He Is Unique. He Is Alive

He resembles no one and there is nothing like Him.

He Alone is worthy of Worship.

He Sees and Hears everything.

He is not subordinate to anyone, nor does He depend on anyone.

He has neither given birth nor has He been born.

He Is Eternal. He has been from eternity and shall remain till eternity.

He Has Command over everything, and nothing happens without His Knowledge.

He Does whatever He Wills and there is no one to challenge Him.

All that happens in this world happens through His Will, and nothing goes against His Will, so much so that even a leaf does not fall from a tree without His Order.

He neither sleeps nor does slumber overtake Him.

All good Qualities are His and He Is Free from all blemishes.

He Is The Judge. He Will bring all of His creation to life again on the Day of Judgment.

He Gives life and Causes death.

He Sustains everything.

He Is The Creator. He Is The Lord of all. He Is Merciful to His creation. He Forgive whoever He Wills.

He Is Just. He Is Almighty and Powerful, He Bestows to His slaves respect or reduces them to disgrace. He Is The Punisher and Punishes those who deserve His Punishment.

He is not bound by anything.

He’s Speech (kalam) is not like the speech of man.

His Signs and Qualities are there for all to see, but no one can truly know the mystery of His Existence.

All of His Qualities are Eternal and none of Them will ever diminish.

He Is Free from human qualities and whatever is said in the Qur’an regarding such qualities, their meaning should be left to Him as He Alone Knows their true significance. Whatever the Qur’an says regarding them is true. We believe in all of them without being inquisitive and have full faith in them. This is the best way for us, however we may give meaning to them in accordance with our (limited) understanding in order to make them more comprehensible and easy to understand.

All good and evil in this world happens with His Full Knowledge long before their happening. This is known as Fate or Destiny.

He Created human beings with the ability to understand and comprehend. According to their discretion they commit either good or evil. He Is Pleased with good deeds and Displeased with sinful deeds and Rewards or Punishes accordingly.

He has not commanded His slaves to do anything beyond their capacity.

He is not bound by anything. Any kindness that He Shows is on account of His Mercifulness and Generosity.

He Alone Possesses the Full and Complete Knowledge of the Unseen.

And all dominion belongs to Him. He Alone Is The Lord of the worlds.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nasiha of al-Fultali

A brief advice {nasiha} from Hazrat Sahib Qiblah regarding the dignity and respect of man; the immense responsibility towards ones parents; praying salah diligently and doing dhikh constantly and their benefits. In the final part of the clip the Shaykh shows how to perform the 'silent' dhikr according to the Naqshbandi Tariqah.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Na’at Mahfil

This is a short video of a Na’at Mahfil which took place during 2005 in London. It was an event which was held to raise awareness to the Muslim Community about the (then) newly opened Dar-ul-Hadith Latifiah Institution based in London and founded by the Ustadh, al-Allamah Fultali Sahib Qiblah.

The clip shows Qur’an Tilawah, Na’at, Salawaat and Daruud by various ‘Ulama with a Du’a by Sahib Qiblah at the end.

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Tawba and Bay’ah with Hazrat Sahib Qiblah

Muridin of al-Murshid Hazrat Fultali Sahib Qiblah performing Tawba and Bay'ah at his hand.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

al-Mawlid as-Sharif with Allamah Fultali Sahib Qiblah

The noble Mawlid with Hazrat Sahib Qiblah performed at the Jamme Masjid, Brick Lane, London during April 2005.

ya nabi salamu `alaika
O Prophet, Peace be upon you,
ya rasul salamu `alaika
O Messenger, Peace be upon you,
ya habib salamu `alaika
O Beloved, Peace be upon you,
salawatulLahi `alaika
The Blessings of Allah be upon you.

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Qasidah Burdah recital by Allamah Imad ud-Din Chowdhury

A short clip of Hazrat Maulana Imad ud-Din chowdhury reciting from Imam Busairi's al-Burda.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

I Am As My Servant Thinks I Am

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says :

I am as My servant thinks I am.
I am with him when he makes mention of Me.
If he makes mention of Me to himself, I make mention of him to Myself; and if he makes mention of Me in an assembly, I make mention of him in an assembly better then it.
And if he draws near to Me a hand’s span, I draw near to him an arm’s length; and if he draws near to Me an arm’s length, I draw near to him a fathom’s length.
And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed.

Related by Imam Bukhārī in his sahih

Enmity Against The Devotees Of Allah And Its Consequences

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says :

Whosoever shows enmity to someone devoted to Me, I shall be at war with him.
My servant draws not near to Me with anything more loved by Me then the religious duty I have enjoined upon him, and My servant continuous to draw near to Me with supererogatory works, so that I shall Love him.
When I Love him, I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks.
Were he to ask [something] of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant him it.
I do not hesitate about anything as much as I hesitate about (seizing) the soul of My faithful servant; he hates death and I hate hurting him.

Related by Imam Bukhārī in his sahih